Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wonky Woger Giveaway

Well hello there and welcome to my rather empty blog.
I've never really been able to sit and find the time and learn how to drive it properly, but 2012 is the year of new things, and so here I am 'having a go!'

2011 was a funny ol' year for me... lots of big changes and not really much time to sew or be a top bizniz woman.  (Last year I would not have made Sir Alan proud).
And so, to celebrate a new year/new start kinda thing, and for thanking my delightful Facebook likers for sticking with me and not deserting me in harsh times, I thought it would be pertinent to start the year off with a giveaway... and to that end, I give you Wonky Woger...

Ta Daaaa....

You see... poor old Woger refused point blank to wear his brace as a child and now his teeth are entirely too big for his tiny little head.  He looks kinda... 'special' and he needs someone who can see past his odd looks and love him for the insanely grinning idiot that he is.

If you think that person could be you, then please leave a comment below indicating why you would be a suitable new parent for this little oddball. 
I will throw all entries into some kind of receptacle and find a small impartial child to pick out a winner on Friday 3rd February - exact details to be announced on my Facebook page HERE

Now, if you happen to make me laugh with your comment, I will give you an extra entry into the draw... and if you decide to publicise this giveaway in any form (re-blog, tweet, publicise on FB or whatever) then let me know and I will also give you another entry (you don't need to leave links as proof... you're an honest lot and if you say you've done it then I believe you).  
Of course, please leave your email address so that I can contact you if you win, and at this point, I feel the need to point out that Wogers (as with all Odd Sox critters) are not made as toys for small children.  They much prefer the company of older personages - as they do not tend to swing them about by their legs or their funny ear type things.

So that's it I think... let the commenting commence...
*holds breath, crosses fingers and hopes that someone actually does want to welease Woger*