Friday, 3 February 2012

And the winner is....

Victoria - Reiki Mama.... Congratulations!!!

Victoria, if you could email us at then we'll have the little chap off to live with you as soon as possible.

The winners of the 'Say it with Soxies Cards' are   Socksy Beasts, Laura Beth Designs and Susann all the way from Oz...  If you could all email your addresses too then that would be splendid.

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful entries, I wish there was a Woger for you all.

It's been fun though.  Let's do it again soon! 



  1. Congratulations Victoria! Hope you and Wodger will be very happy together! Sniff sniff... Sob sob....

  2. Ohhhhhh I never usually win anything! I'm very excited now, but sad that everyone else can't have a woger too :/ but I promise he will be put to work doing lots of good deeds and making people who may be a little sad, smile lots! Will keep you all posted of his adventures on the Reiki Mama page on facebook, so feel free to join even if you're actually really just following Woger!

  3. oh bollox :( well done reiki mamma (she said through gritted teeth) he he only joking :) give him a kiss from me tho pls x