Saturday, 21 April 2012

So.  A little while ago, this little fella came to stay.

Isn't he cute?
He came all the way across the big water as part of a travelling sock creature project c/o the awesome and multi-talented (and very very funny) Hilary Emerson Lay.

After much deliberation and help from the gorgeous peepuls on our facebook page, we decided to name him Nobby.  :D

I had planned to take Nobby on lots of exciting adventures, but somehow or other life just kept getting in the way. 
(Also, I remembered that I'm not the kind of person who goes on exciting adventures).

So Nobby, has mostly just been hanging out with us and watching tv and chilling on beach.
Here he is doing some  things...

chillaxing on the sofa and watching tv...

watchin' the ships comin' in and goin' out again....

juss sittin' in a bucket.  natch....

havin' a lovely chat with a fish...

pointing at a crab...  (make your own jokes)!

falling out of a tree...

And now after all of that excitement, Nobby has decided he wants to go and live somewhere else for a week or two.  Somewhere where he'll get to go on 'proper' adventures and not be parked in front of the tv and fed bizquits and crisps to keep him quiet!
If you feel you would make a good temporary foster mother for this little chap, and are prepared to take pictures and keep his birth mom informed of his adventures... speak now or forever hold your peas.   (Nobby is packing his bags as I type)!

You can also read more about some of the other creatures adventures here.


  1. I would happily give Nobby a place in our home for a week or two. What does he think are exciting adventures though? The mind of the soft creature is often a mystery to me!
    He can hang out in mid Wales for a while if he likes, I can show him the sights of the countryside and our veg plot in the garden (which is quite a happening place to be for little critters). Offer is there Nobby, what do you think? (This is from Vicki who can be found on facebook under Miss Gregory's Gorgeous Gifts) X

  2. Me and James (and Sherlock) will be happy to offer Nobby a temporary home. I don't know if we can promise him lots of exciting adventures, but having a guest does make us try a bit harder...
    He could meet the Grumps - Kreature and Mary would be pleased to see him. Then there are The Sock Pets - Bug, Zombie Monkey, Teddy Bear, Bella the Monkey and Zoe the Ballet-dancing Zebra, not to mention the cute White Puppy. It would be like going on holiday in a loony bin... hmm...
    We do have bizquits though. And soup - we're good at soup... I would let him play with bookbinding stuff, if he promised to be careful (needles are sharp). He might even be able to make a book of his very very own, to keep his Adventures in...
    And there's a handy basquet thing on the front of my bike - Nobby might like to ride in that when we have Exploring Trips in the Village.
    "Dear Nobby, please come and stay with us. Love from Lizzie, Dave and James (and Sherlock the cat) XX"

  3. Hi guys! I'm Hilary, the one who made Nobby/started the sock critter traveling blog idea. If you're considering taking him next, you need not take him on some grand-scale adventure. I did have one person take hers to Mexico, but everyone else has merely taken their critter to work/school/out and about on errands, snapped a few pictures, and wrote me a little synopsis of their time together. In fact, I just got an update from a random person who sent me a picture of her critter with a cupcake and said "Went for cupcakes!"
    So anywhere between Mexico and cupcakes is fine.

  4. Hi there,

    I can take the little fella! He can come on trips to uni with me (fun, fun, fun) and also he can come to the different places I tend to the supermarket, the library, the park to walk le's no Mexico, but he might enjoy it....and who knows he may even pick up some physics (more than I am!!!)
    Lots of love

  5. Well thank you lovley people for wanting to give little Nobby a temporary home. He's decided to go stay with Lizzie for a while as she sounds barking mad, and he likes that in a person! :D